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client: Something Happened job: Branding, Corporate Identity & CD cover design

When I was asked to come up with a logo for a new band called 'Something Happened' and was briefed they needed something with energy, moderrn but with a hint of nostalgia and something that would express the style of their laid-back, slightly risque music that clearly showed they were a duo I did consider it a bit of a challenge! In the end they got 2 logos, one uses a photograph that has been 'posterized' and the other with a fluid illustration to be used in conjunction with the larger poster image of themselves e.g. for posters, CD covers etc.

Something Happened is the musical creation of Terence Blacker and Derek Hewitson who combine apparently effortless talent with jaw-dropping politically incorrect songs as well as their own original lyrics penned by Terence. Their music ranges from early american folk to modern day hilarious numbers such as "I'd rather be French". Other titles include: "Nobody loves a fat girl" and "When Dixie Stars are playing Peek-a-Boo".