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Regatta Pump Clip
Regatta poster
visuals of Adnams beer mats
client: adnams brewery job: regatta pump clip


I was commissioned by Simon Loftus in 1998 to produce a new pump clip for Regatta Beer that was required to be a little unusual. I then produced dozens of visuals, some of which I have included on this page as an example of the thought process that often goes into designing a new piece of packaging. As you can see these were quick marker pen 'thumbnails' to show the ideas. The chosen design is shown at the top - Simon loved the sail shape of the visuals bottom right, but wanted the boat to have more movement. The artwork needed to be fairly simple, with only a few colours as the pump clip was going to be screen printed onto plastic. All this hard work proved very successful as the shape of this design was unusual for pump clips at the time and won 1st prize in the 'beer mat of the year' award that year.