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adnams ring pull carton and stationery
adnams ring pull carton
client: adnams brewery job: ring pull offer carton  


This was a carton I designed and illustrated for Adnams for a promotion involving collecting ring pulls from the Suffolk Strong Ale cans. My brief was to design an envelope that customers could use to send their collected ring pulls in to Adnams. I had been sent a blank sample of this envelope from a printer and thought the shape, before the ends are pressed together, looked like a can. It seemed a perfect solution so I made a mock-up and was given the go ahead to produce the final illustration. I had to use artist license when I painted the front of the can because of the proportions but the effect still works well I think. The title for this promotion was "Adnams Customer Collection Scheme". I also designed the stickers, letterheads and promotional leaflet.