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adnams broadside photo - atmospheric shot at the Sailors Reading Room, Southwold
atmospheric ahot of "Campaign"
client: adnams brewery client: myself

The Adnams Broadside photograph was taken by Stephen Wolfenden after we set up the shot in Southwold at the Sailors Reading Rooms. The location was perfect as it has panelled wooden walls and all the props came from my home. We took the shot at the end of the day when the daylight was setting low in the sky and the glasses create a fantastic shadow on the map. The colour of the Adnams beer has not been altered at all. It really did look that golden amber colour. This photograph was part of a collection of stills used for A4 prints of the beer, and it is still my favourite Adnams photograph.

The shop interior is another of Steve's photographs and happens to be of the store I created a few years ago with a partner when I had a period of time away from graphics and decided to make carpet bags and slippers! I re-arranged the shop to make it look packed with interest and colour and called Steve to take the shot which he did just before the light went. This photograph was used in advertising and postcards. There is a photograph of my bags and slippers on the products page in the portfolio.

'feeling wicked?' advertsign shot of  a stiletto of chocolate dessert

client: wickedly good food

I had this idea for an advert for Wickedly Good Food that used a striking red sexual image (stiletto shoe) with the question "feeling wicked?"

Sam loved the idea and commissioned me to design the advert.

The first mission was to find the shoe. So I dragged myself off to go shoe shopping. This job is so hard! I felt like Cinderella and eventually I found the right shoe, a Calvin Klein. In my size. Oh dear! On the day of the shoot we called in his expert chef, Dan and asked him to shave his legs and put on the stockings... Actually we asked him to use the red shoe as a dish and create yummy chocolate pudding and the result was this photograph. I added the wgf logo to the front of the shoe.

I love the way the chillis have a similar 'look' to them as the patent leather.

Do you think this shoe looks good enough to eat?

If you would like to find out more about this wonderful event food company and try some wickedly good food go here immediately