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Maui Waui Xmas card 2007 with bank note

Santas Bank Christmas Card 2007

This is an example of the Christmas card I designed for myself to send to clients and friends. I had the idea many years ago, before Photoshop was invented!

I actually produced a fake Cheque called Santas Bank for a Christmas card at the time, which was hugely popular even though it was hand drawn very simply.

I think the fake note is much better though and it was printed on exactly the right weight of paper so it's pretty realistic (apart from the fact it's for one pound of apples!).

The serial number is my phone number

image of anne's giant teacup working clock for Adnams Flying Egg competition 2006

Giant Teacup Clock

I made this working clock for the 2006 "Adnams Flying Egg " competition, held in Southwold each year,
for budding designers and inventors.
Children, adults and groups could enter and the main criteria was that it had to be an alternative clock.
It was a great day, there were over 100 entries ranging from the sane to the positively barking mad.
I was most disappointed to discover the overall winner was a sculpture of an angel in an egg that had nothing to do with clocks at all!
It is a wonderful event so have a look at the website for more details