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Hempnall Butchers signs
Hempnall Butchers signs & stationery
Hempnall Butchers Livery


client: hempnall butchers & delicatessen job: logo, stationery & signage  


I was recently asked to design a new logo for Hempnall Butchers with the only design brief being a 'traditional design and using the colour blue'! The original design was going to be blue and black letters on white, however when I was asked to produce the design for the vehicle livery and was shown a blue van, the design soon became 'reversed' and my clients were so pleased with this effect it became the look for the business card, front of shop sign and promotional postcards. I was pleased with the typeface and the distortion I produced on the word 'delicatessen' to give the logo a softer feel.