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Mike Lewis Business cards

client: michael lewis job: logos / business cards  


Mike is a great friend and perfectionist with all his work so I had a challenge to design a logo for his Life Coaching business. I really did not want to go down the route of cliche images for 'therapy based' logos. The abstract effect on his logo was actually the result of a mistake when my hand slipped as I was using a paint brush tool! As soon as I saw this image I knew it was perfect for Mike's logo and the hard type style seemed to contrast well to the fluidity of the image. Mike loved it immediately and finds that it arouses curiousity in all who see it. He says that's the best start to a Coaching Programme.

He later asked me to design the logo and business card for his other passion; the design and building of furniture to commission. The logo popped into my head at 4 o'clock one morning so I had to get up and produce it. I hate it when that happens! The photograph was taken by his son, Chris and I thought it was perfect for the business card - atmospheric and somehow suggestive of Mike's talent, depth of knowledge and experience in the field.


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