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charles-christian charles-christian charles-christian charles-christian
Book cover designs for Charles Christian

Book cover designs for Charles Christian
Book cover design for Charles Christian


Gritchie Brewing Co pump clip English Lore
Packaging for Gritchie Brewing Co Packaging for Gritchie Brewing Co

Special label for Starwing Brewery


Food Packaging Design Food Packaging Design
Bacon packaging for Lane Farm Country Foods Bacon packaging for Lane Farm Country Foods


Delta Beltas CDcd

Darling Coreys CDhogranch cd cover

acoustic bridge cdacoustic bridge cd



Lovely Little Games Terence Blacker CD


CD Cover and Insert CD for Terence Blacker's new album:


As soon as Terence told me the album name and I read the song titles I had the idea of designing the cover as a traditional board game with pieces representing some of the songs. The artwork was a combination of hand drawn illustrations and photoshop layering.


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clif quay labels

The award winning Tumble Home design for Cliff Quay Brewery - winner of 'label of the year 2013' Labologist Society


cliff quay tumble home


cliffquay-pump-clip cliffquay-pump-clip


Designs for Adnams Brewery, to celebrate 500 years since William Godell, a local legend of Southwold.

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Some of the products below are not really packaging but I'm not sure where else to put them!



Lane Farm Packaging


booja booja nibs and beans packets



Booja Booja Stuff in a Tub

adnams £1 off suffolk strong ale 4 can sleeve
booja-booja nibs and beans outer display box
cardew design teachest packaging






adnams can cartons
photo of apple