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I have been designing products for the giftware market since starting my first job at Silver Crane at 18, some of which are now collectible - wow that makes me feel old!

Here are a selection of some of my designs, past and present and a brief description of the designs and the customer.

polka bugs range of fun textiles
polka bugs oven gloves
The Polka Bugs range of fun fabrics for the home! Based on a cross between polkadots and bugs this fun range of kitchen and home fabric designs such as oven gloves, teatowels, aprons etc is sold under license to


Designer Bluegrass T Shirts - Guitar & Banjo - visit


Banjo T Shirt Keep On The Bluegrass White
Guitar T Shirt Keep On The Bluegrass Black
image of 'god bless the gardener' range of printed tin ware designed and produced by anne steel






I created a range of designs called "God Bless the Gardener" back in the early 1990's and licensed the design to Elite Gift Boxes for a range of various tin ware.

The idea was based on a victorian ceramic mug and shaving bowl with a transfer entitled "God Bless the Farmer", of unknown origin, which I had always liked.

A soap company who had used the large tin as packaging for their products asked me to design a range of cardboard packaging for bath salts using these designs.

I also amended this design for a range of brown betty teapots for Cardew Design, where the original poems were used. The full range included:

God Bless the Gardener; God Bless the Cook; God Bless the Home; God Bless the Golfer and God Bless the Fisherman.

image of 'god bless the gardener' bath soak box packaging


front of cardew classic teapot showing god bless the gardener poem and artwork designed by anne steelback of cardew classic teapot showing god bless the gardener poem and artwork designed by anne steel

Maui Waui designed and produced the artwork for many designs in the Cardew Classic Range, including a globe, horoscopes, classic teapot shapes etc. I own the copyright on the Cardew "Safe" Teapot and I also designed and produced the cardboard "Tea chest" box used to hold all the miniature teapots, feature on the packaging page.


Maui Waui created and produced the ceramic designs below for Samuel Heath in the 1990's -

I found lots of copyright free illustrations from victorian catalogue books

c.1900 bathroom ceramics for samuel heath
Aegean bathroom ceramics for samuel heath
'Brushes' bathroom ceramics for samuel heath


soapdish website


. period sink soapdish

Maui Waui designed and developed a range of ceramic soapdishes based on period style sinks called “The Period Sink Soapdish” in 1999. They were design registered in 1999 and the three designs were: a wall mounted vanity basin, a butler sink (in two colours) and the belfast sink pictured on the left in the photographers' kitchen (thanks Steve).

These were marketed through architectural antique stores, gift and bathroom shops and later we took them ‘on the road’ going to country fairs with our period style market stall.

The sinks were hugely popular and were also featured in a number of lifestyle magazines as the latest hot product for period style and modern kitchens and bathrooms!


The image above is the layout for the website I designed in 1999 to promote the soapdishes, which at the time was probably not your typical website design!
The image to the left is the die-cut POS advertising card I designed to go to the retailers selling the sinks.


The photographs below show the carpet bags and carpet slippers I made for my shop in Suffolk. As far as I could research, I was the first producer of carpet slippers made from real carpet and they are still my favourite indoor footwear at home!

Once again many of the bags and slippers were featured in magazines, along with the carpet deck chairs we produced for the shop.


point of sale card of soap lady in bath


image of anne's carpet bags and slippers in 'Campaign' shop anne's carpet saddle bag
anne's carpet slippers made from axminster
anne's weekend carpet bag


carpet bags and slippers
carpet gladstone bag


daisy design ceramic watering can planter
poppy design ceramic watering can planter

These are ceramic planters made to look like watering cans I designed for "Kitchen and Things".

They were featured on TV at BBC Gardeners World in the Summer 2007.

I will be updating this page with more garden designs very soon!


clipper phone card illustration

I designed & illustrated this collectable phone card for Clipper Wholesale (owned by Adnams), which was going to part of a series, hence this one being called No1!

It was featured on the cover of a collectors magazine at the time...

photo of apple