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edinburgh fringe poster
fringe website
The advertising material for Terence Blacker's Edinburgh Fringe Festival Show


St. Peter's Hall Christmas Party poster/advert

St. Peter's Hall Halloween Poster

The advert above was a result of brainstorming with my client for an alternative Xmas advert for St. Peters Hall. Of course we did not have a snow globe with a miniature of St. Peter's Hall inside to photograph so I had to create this using Illustrator.



Exotic Garden Co. advert


This is the advert I produced for the 2008 Aldeburgh Directory. I decided the landscape created at the Exotic Garden Co., within the confines of a polytunnel, was so spectacular I wanted to produce an advert where it appeared you were actually about to walk into the 'set'. I took this photograph and simply darkened the foreground to allow for some white text, which I kept as minimal as possible.

Although there are hundreds of pots and other garden accessories at Planet Pot, I chose to devote the whole advert to essentially one big photograph with the cherub to represent 'Planet Pot'.



This is the advert I produced to promote St. Peters Hall in Suffolk as a venue for Valentines night.

I felt this advert needed to stand out from all the other adverts for Valentines night so I wrote a very direct piece of copy to the male readers of the newspaper (as if I was speaking to them).

St. Peters Hall was fully booked within a couple of days of the advert appearing.

I was a customer myself that night and it really was a truely romantic evening.

I took some photographs, in between courses, which featured in the next batch of adverts as 'paintings'; one of which is below left.



  St. Peter's Hall Valentines Night Advert


St. Peter's Hall Dining Advert
St. Peter's Hall Sign




wickedly good food 'see food' advert

wickedly good food smelly advert

The clever thing about this advert for Wickedly Good Food was the fact it smelt of peppermint truffle! The printer coated this page with the 'smell' as a varnish and it was touch - activated to release the odour. The text on the advert said " if our advert smells this good wait 'til you taste our food"

booj-booja award advert 'stuff in a tub'
purl and co. advert
hall farm advert